European Investment Casters’ Federation

Investment casting process is a combination of a collection of different stand-alone processes. This combination provides a single output which in exchange is the preferred and sometimes unique technical solution for certain applications.

This combination of several sequential processes expose the results to variability. Thus it becomes very relevant to have under control all process variables during the different phases of the manufacturing process.

Nowadays, Process Modeling software tools are commonly used in order to predict, via a better understanding of the physical phenomena which control the investment casting processes, the expected output of the different phases of the Investment Casting Process, minimizing the risk of non-acceptable parts and scrap.


Golf club shell - Molochite -200 and Molochite 16 30 DD
Stator sector blade for steam turbine - IC - Clayrac P45 P200, 140 mesh, 0,5-1mm and Treibacher Alodur ZWSK F90


Technologies and Process involved (non exhaustive list)

  • Die making
  • Wax injection
  • Wax assembly (cluster)
  • Shell making
  • Mold making
  • Dewaxing & Firing
  • Mold Preheating
  • Alloy melting
  • Mold Casting
  • Mold Cooling
  • Shell knock-out
  • Core removal
  • Cutting & deburring
  • Surface Finishing
  • Heat Treatment
  • Testing & measuring


Process control is essential to ensure consistent output through the different phases of the Investment Casting process