European Investment Casters’ Federation

Technical Standards are voluntary: they define benchmarks (technical specifications) with which products comply in order to gain access to a market, while meeting the authorities and consumers’ demand for safe and quality products;

Investment casting is an industrial precision casting process using in contrast to other moulding process(lost pattern) to create an undivided ceramic mould . In those moulds metals and alloys based on iron, aluminium, nickel, cobalt, titanium, copper and magnesium are cast.

Castings manufactured like this are distinguished by their dimensionally accuracy and their high surface quality. The process is also known as “Lost Wax Moulding”, “Lost Wax Process” or “Fonte à Cire Perdue”.

The EICF pursue the standardization of the European Investment Casting processes and products in order to ensure consistency and integrity whilst meeting customers and authorities requirements.