European Investment Casters’ Federation

Europe sustained competitiveness of the Investment Casting industry is based on the incorporation of new generations of professionals to preserve an advance the European Heritage that represents the Investment casting technology.

Specific Education on Investment Casting technology and technicalities is really a challenge to find out. On the other hand, attracting talent or retaining talent within any company is a fundamental action within the Human Resources management cycle.

Those are the foundations on which the EICF education initiative was born in the form of the EICF Academy. To provide specific education proposals in the field of the Investment Casting Industry and Technology to support the companies strategies in their search for new talent or in retaining the existing talent .

EICF Academy aims to provide first class education proposals, to that purpose the EICF is teaming up with European Centres of Excellence Organisations with expertise, research activities, knowledge and facilities devoted to the Investment Casting Technology.

In addition experts from the field coming from the supplier Investment Casting Industry are also teaming up with this common effort providing the latest state of the art in material , processes and equipment

Year 2024 is contemplating the below education initiatives :


8 to 14 September 2024 |
Brno University of Technology – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering | Brno (Czech Republic)

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