European Investment Casters’ Federation

Napoli 2024

Città della Scienza - Napoli

Starts: 12th of May 2024
Ends: 15th of May 2024

Europe’s annual Investment Casting International Conference & Exhibition is set to come to the south of Italy (Campania), specifically to the city of Napoli. The theme selected for the conference is  “Investment Casting – On the Way to Sustainability”.

Investment Casting always at the edge of  technology is facing for some time now the policy implementation of carbon footprint reduction in line with the policies adopted by the addressed markets of application.

The impact, opportunities and the benefits brought forward by the Circular Economy and Sustainability policies shall be reviewed in depth. These shall be considered from the different perspectives of the manufacturing cycle, including the customer and supplier relationships.

The conference is organized by the European Investment Casters’ Federation (EICF). EICF is the leading trade association for Investment Casting in Europe. Its key functions are to represent the interests of the European IC community, and to promote IC technology throughout the world.

The Venue
An historic award-winning location the Fondazione Città della Scienza looking at the gulf of Naples . An historical venue yet with full equipped modern facilities to make a successful event

English will be the official language of the conference


Sunday 12 of May 2024
EICF General Assembly Meeting
Welcome Reception to Delegates & Exhibition Opening (networking)

Monday 13 of May 2024
Key Note & Technical Presentations
Gala Dinner (networking)

Tuesday 14 of May 2024
Technical Presentations

Wednesday 15 of May 2024
Industry Visit : Europea Microfusione Aerospaziali (Avelino – Italy)

Città della Scienza - Napoli