European Investment Casters’ Federation

The EICF AISBL 2022 General Assembly Meeting is scheduled to be held at :

Santander on the 15 of May 2022 at 16:30 h CEST

Attendance to the General Assembly Meeting is foreseen to be made virtually via internet online connection.

In order to facilitate the members attendance and the smooth running of the meeting the below policy is been established

INTRO – Article  12  EICF AISBL AoA

The General Assembly is composed of all full members and alumni of the Association, duly represented by authorized representatives. The General Assembly is the sovereign body of the Association and has all powers that are expressly granted to it by the law or these Articles of Association.

Preliminary remarks

EICF facilitates the holding of the physical and virtual General Assembly Meeting through the use of an online platform.

Disclaimer : Even though EICF uses its best efforts to ensure that attendees are offered the best solutions to participate in the GAM, attendees may experience issues that are outside of the control of the EICF.

By registering for an EICF Virtual Event in this case the GAM, you acknowledge your registration is subject to EICF’s Privacy Policy.If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact


EICF has selected the tools to participate electronically and real time during the Virtual GAM Meeting.

The platform for the Virtual General Assembly will be provided by  third-party agent with access via the third-party agent : GoToMeeting 

Confirmed virtual attendees shall receive an specific link that will allow them to get access online to the GAM. Virtual attendees  must identify themselves electronically via the Third-Party Agent to enter the Virtual General Assembly through a secured access as set out in the terms of use of the third party agent.

Voting attendees participation shall be executed via the use of a third-party agent : NemoVote. Confirmed Attendees will open it like a web page, login once and start. Login credentials to be provided by the EICF to those confirmed attendees

Participation instructions for Attendees will be included in the relevant call of the Virtual General Assembly.

Technical Infrastructure

Attendees must ensure that the technical infrastructure to attend and participate in a Virtual Meeting is properly in place, secured and accessible for Attendees with compatible devices, please see below the applicable system requirements

GoToMeeting System requirements for Attendees

NemoVote runs fully in the web browser on any device (laptop, smartphone, tablet). No downloads or installation of apps is required.

EICF and Attendees should take all reasonable efforts to ensure the System requirements and participation instructions are being followed


General Assembly Meeting shall be recorded. Attendees are informed that the session shall be recorded in order to document it. Attendees shall have the right to get access to the recorded session

Virtual GAM – Code of Conduct Policy

EICF members are invited to participate in the General Assembly Meeting via a representation at the virtual General Assembly. The attendee representing a member shall remain adherent to the rules set for effective communication, participation and voting.

The General Assembly meeting shall be chaired by the EICF Chairman who shall attend physically in the GAM venue in line with the provisions set out by Article 13 of the EICF AISBL Articles of Association

The EICF Secretary General shall act as moderator of the GAM, facilitating the address of the different agenda points and the participation and interaction of attendees including the voting actions.

Attendees shall respect at all time indications given by the moderator in respect of the conduct of the meeting in order to facilitate members participation into the deliberations, to be direct, simultaneous and in a continuous way as required. In a similar manner indications given by the moderator during the voting process shall be followed by the attendees to ensure an effective and fluid voting process.


On behalf of the EICF Chairman Mr. Virgilio Oliveira