European Investment Casters’ Federation

The European Investment Casters´ Federation is the Investment Casting Association of reference in Europe representing the interests of the European investment casting industry, to improve it’s working methods and practices and to widen the markets for its products.

The EICF has been supporting the Investment Casting Industry since 1954 with a long trail of activities including the organization of Conferences & Workshops which have helped to the dissemination of knowledge, practice and materials and products relevant to the Investment Casting Industry.

Being a member of the EICF is a commitment to excellence, based on passion, talent , skills and innovation

EICF´s aspiration is to help to create and consolidate a net of professionals that through their interaction can constantly promote and develop the Investment Casting Industry via their assigned projects and challenges demanded by customers and end users. To that purpose, the EICF sustains close relationships with RTOs and Universities which work in the field of research and development of the Investment Casting technology.

The global economy in which most of our members develop their business activity advice the EICF to establish and cultivate close relation with the World reference Investment Casting associations, such as the American Investment Casting Institute, the Japan Foundry Society, the China Foundry Association, the Taiwan Foundry Society, within others. In addition the EICF works closely with the CAEF (Umbrella organisation of the European foundry industry, established in 1953) and the European national foundry associations.

Being a member of the EICF is a commitment to excellence, based on passion, talent , skills and innovation, all of them are ingredients necessary to develop the fascinating activity of Investment Casting providing to the modern society a significant package of solutions in aerospace, automotive, energy, defense, general engineering, biomedicine … contributing to society welfare and development.

EICF´s commitment with the society development is expressed as per the established objectives and strategic plan as supported by the members founded on the values of the European Heritage.