European Investment Casters’ Federation

New Board Members appointed at the EICF GAM 2023

Last 7 of May, the EICF held its Annual General Assembly Meeting at Bregenz. Within the decisions adopted two new Board members were appointed. Mr. Alexander Lenert from Feinguss Blank GmbH and Dr. Michele di Foggia from Europea Microfusione Aerospaziali. Another 10 Board members were re-elected, following the end of their term and the presentation of their candidacy. Those were Mr. Guillaume Noir  from AMA Services, Dr. Pam Murrell from CMF, Mr. Michael Rünz  from Deloro Group, Mr. Karl Szulakowski  from Ross & Catherall, Mr. Amadeo Torrens  from GF Casting Solutions, Mr. Calogero Vassallo from Imerys, Mr. Uri Joseph from IPCS, Dr. John Machielse  from Paramelt, Mr. John S Paraszczak  from Remet UK and Dr. Julio Aguilar from Safran.

The Board composition is being reinforced with the presence of the two new Board members and the continuation in the commitment expressed by the re-elected Board members. All in all an expression of leadership of the European Investment Casting Industry.