European Investment Casters’ Federation

Management Change at Blayson

Long standing EICF member Blayson would like to announce that after over 40 years developing, managing and leading The Blayson Group Ltd, Ron Williams is moving from his current role of Managing Director to the position of Chairman of the Board. This move was effective from 1 April 2021.

Historically Blayson is a family company and is pleased to apply continuity. From 1 April 2021 Gavin Williams was appointed CEO of The Blayson Group Ltd and its subsidiary companies. Gavin, a graduate of York University, has been with Blayson for 15 years, serving various roles up to his previous position of Financial Director.

All other Directors of The Blayson Group Ltd and the subsidiary companies, Blayson Olefines Ltd and Blayson Japan Co Ltd, will remain the same.

On this move, Ron says it has been an amazing journey elevating the Company to its current status. The foundation has been set for further success of the Group.

Ron thanks staff, customers, suppliers and all those associated with Blayson for their support over the years and looks forward to his new role as Chairman of the Board. In addition, he wishes Gavin every success as CEO of the Group.

On his appointment to the new role of CEO of The Blayson Group Ltd, Gavin said he is pleased to accept the position and work towards moving the Company forward. He also states that the Covid – 19 pandemic has proved challenging for the Investment Casting Industry, but Blayson remains financially sound and he is pleased to see signs of recovery within the Industry. He is keen for Blayson to play its part in this recovery.