European Investment Casters’ Federation

In Memory of Mr. Neville Swanson – EICF Chairman (2002-2004)

It is with sadness that the EICF has been made aware that Mr Neville Swanson passed away last year, we believe as a result of the Covid pandemic. Neville Swanson joined Ransom & Randolph (R&R) in the summer of 1990 and was R&R´s first European UK Sales Manager.

Neville was a doyen of the investment casting industry´s trade associations, serving as Vice President of the British Investment Casting Trade Association (BICTA) from 1995 until 1997 and as President until 1999. Neville was also active as a Board member of the European Investment Casters Federation and Chairman after Mr J-G Deponge until 2004.

Neville was a chemistry graduate from St Edmunds College, Oxford, and during his BICTA Presidency arranged the 1999 conference at the Randolph Hotel Oxford (a favourite of Oxford graduates) and also presided over the 40th BICTA anniversary dinner.

In 2003 the EICF was incorporated as a limited company and Neville together with David Ford, launched a campaign to attract new members and provide a service to members including technical workshops, collaborative research and international conferences. Today´s successful EICF owes much to Neville´s support and professionalism.

A man from Kent, Neville was a keen cricketer and lived a short distance from the Worcestershire County Cricket Club. He was also a consummate speaker and will be remembered for his entertaining renditions at conference dinners.

Above all he will be remembered as a friend and colleague who was always willing to assist with professional support and kindness.