European Investment Casters’ Federation

EICF seat moves to Brussels

The European Investment Casters´ Federation has been active since 1955 where an International Conference on investment casting was held in Zurich . Main activity during these early years for the EICF was the organizations of International Conferences which were spread along many European capitals and cities. In 2003 following the Berlin conference, the EICF became a UK based company adopting the legal form of a “Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a share capital”, which was the legal form relative to a Non Profit Organization.

With the UK referendum decision in 2016 in favour of leaving the EU (‘Brexit’), increasing numbers of UK-based associations have been considering whether to establish an additional or alternative presence in the EU. For some, this is because they wish to remain able to access grants from the EU, or wish to remain engaged in EU-led debates and processes, other aspects such as the use of a common and unique currency are also considered

Although the EICF scope is more linked to a geographical area rather than to any political structure, being the EICF an International Association mostly composed of European Members there is a logic in maintaining open routes and representation vs the EU to the benefit of the members and industry.

Within the different possibilities explored, Belgium country provided two important aspects to be considered. A specific law for International Non Profit Associations which goes back to 1921 and the fact that EU offices are based there, facilitating any contact or advocacy actions versus the EU agencies. In addition Brussels is centrally located in Europe and well communicated facilitating any sort of access for official meetings if required. Those reasons are the basis by which Brussels is the seat of many International Non Profit Associations (acronym INPA or association internationale sans but lucrative acronym AISBL)

On the 14 of March of 2019, the incorporation of the European Investment Casters´ Federation for an AISBL, was made by notarial deed in Brussels. The notary will submit the purpose of the association and its Articles of Association to the Belgium Ministry of Justice for approval. The approval procedure and the publication of the Royal Decree may take some time. The legal personality of the EICF AISBL shall be granted on the day of the Royal Decree publication.