European Investment Casters’ Federation

Napoli 2024 – Call for Papers

The 32nd EICF International Conference & Exhibition shall take place in Napoli (Italy) from 12 to 15 of May 2024. The Conference theme is : “Investment casting – On the way to sustainability”. Implications from an approach of the European Investment Casting industry to the Circular Economy concept and the new ways to compete shall be reviewed at the Conference.

Call for Papers is already open to the community of INVESTMENT CASTING, Foundries, Suppliers, Design Offices and OEM Customers, Universities, Research and Technology Organizations, to contribute, by submitting their Abstracts Proposals

Call for Papers document with full details CFP Naples 2024 Iss1

Conference Centre chosen for the event is Città della Scienza. In a charming context thanks to its architectural beauty, and innovative for its high-tech content, the Conference Centre is a modern and prestigious location with versatile spaces and highly specialized services for organizing conferences, gala events, conventions and  exhibitions.