European Investment Casters’ Federation

EICF celebrates as the membership hits 100

The EICF has reached this September 2020, the number of 100 members. This is the highest number ever in the long history of the Association. Clearly this is an occasion to celebrate and to be conscious of the importance of the Association among their stakeholders. The purpose of an Association is to serve the members and the society in which the members develop their activity to support both in a continuous advance. The Investment Casting industry as we know it today, has its modern roots in Europe and during the last 80 years has been providing solutions in the field of aerospace, power generation, automotive, general engineering, defence, biomedical …. improving the life and conditions of the European Society. The EICF has been operating in different organizational ways for more than 60 years serving and supporting this Industry. Now at the uncertain times of Covid-19, more than ever, the EICF motto “Together we are stronger” makes full sense.
The EICF activities have also attracted organizations beyond the geographical area of Europe working in the field of the Investment Casting who have found a place to cooperate and network with their European peers. Those are our Associates members which we feel particularly proud of their interest and contribution.
Thank you to all our members for the trust and support that historically you have devoted to this organization. Thank you to all the former General Secretaries (Dr. Bob Smart, Dr. David Ford and Dr. Pam Murrell) without their work and encouragement we will not be here today. Thank you to all the Board members along those years that generously have given their talent and time to support the organization progress. Thank you to the speakers and exhibitors that with their contribution sharing knowledge and developments have allowed the existence of the Conferences and Seminars. We continue committed to deliver value to our members and to support the development of the European Society through the use of the Investment Casting technology.

Julie Boyce & Carlos Olabe (September 2020)