European Investment Casters’ Federation

EICF AISBL Extraordinary General Assembly

Last 20 of December in Brussels and at the NOTABEL offices,  it was held the EICF AISBL Extraordinary General Assembly, chaired by the EICF Chairman Mr. Philippe Hoste and acting as Secretary Mr. Emmanuel Falisse (EICF AISBL Treasurer), in the presence of the EICF lawyer Madam Sabine Flamey and the Notary Mr. Olivier de Clippele.

The purpose of this Extraordinary Assembly was related with the incorporation of the new legal framework in Belgium affecting to Companies and Associations which required an update on the existing EICF AISBL Articles of Association, to reflect the reference to the new Belgian Companies and Associations Code. Furthermore some other updates were also incorporated as the use of online meetings and online voting capabilities.

Members of the EICF have received in advance the proposed AoA revision together with the decisions to be taken at the General assembly in the corresponding Call. Members have actively participating into this Extraordinary General Assembly by sending the corresponding voting proxies to the EICF representatives attending the call at the Notary office. The modifications proposed were approved by the Assembly.

The new AoA shall be registered with the Belgian Justice and shall be available to members at the EICF web site