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Cannon Muskegon – Jean François Donchery In Memoriam Statement

JF Donchery

The passing away of Jean-Francois in November was a great loss to the Cannon-Muskegon family.

Jean-Francois was an integral part of Cannon-Muskegon’s sales, marketing, and distribution efforts in Europe for nearly 50 years.  Jean-Francois’s experience, determination and leadership with the development and advancement of Cast Alloy into the European Investment Casting Industry proved to be greatly impactful for Cannon-Muskegon.

All of us at Cannon-Muskegon will miss Jean-Francois’s business and professional leadership. Some of us at Cannon-Muskegon were fortunate enough of get to know Jean-Francois personally, from this we will all especially miss our friendship with him.

On a personal note I want to thank the support of Jean-Francois’s family (Wife Beatrice, Son Gregory, and Grandsons Nilson and James).  Without their support, Jean-Francois would not have had as much time to travel and support me during this past decade.  I would not be the same person I am today, without my relationship with Jean-Francois.  He will be missed, dearly.


Erik Gentzkow

General Manager