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Wax Pattern Preparation and Control Systems

5th of October 2021 at 11:00
Kevin Heard
Kevin Heard

Technical Sales Manager

Blayson Olefines Ltd.

Kevin spent 20 years in the Doncasters Group working throughout the Shop floor, X-ray, and Engineering before moving to Blayson 5 years ago to take up the role of Technical Representative and more recently Technical Sales Manager. Kevin supports customers in the UK, Europe and overseas and leads the Blayson Eagle partnership in the UK for supply of printed patterns and ceramic cores.

Jim Stephenson
Jim Stephenson

Commercial Manager

Eco-Point Laboratories Ltd.

Jim has 25 years of experience as a surface chemistry specialist in the investment casting sector. Jim and EP Labs, now Eco-Point Laboratories, have a long history with Blayson and collaborated to produce the BLAYSIL and TRISOL product range used extensively throughout the global investment casting industry.

The production of high-quality repeatable wax patterns is critical to the investment casting process and the use of specialist mould release and washing agents is common practice within the industry and a key component in the chain.

The presentation reviews the chemistry behind what optimal mould release and pattern washing processes endeavour to achieve and provides case studies of the various options and permutations. The paper will review the different categories of mould release agents available and the benefits and usage of TRISOL wax pattern washing agent.

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