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Recent Numerical Simulation Projects for Advanced Solutions for IC Industry

16th of November 2021 at 11:00
Dr. Borgner headshot
Dr. Samuel Bogner

Dr. Samuel Bogner worked as a research assistant in the field of directional solidification and investment casting at the Foundry Institute of the RWTH Aachen University and obtained his doctoral degree in 2018. His professional career started as an R&D engineer at ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH in 2016 and he currently works as a product manager in the ALD casting & coating department.

Dr. Sergejs Spitans

Dr. Sergejs Spitans is a process engineer in the R&D department of the ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH since 2016 with >10 years’ experience in simulation of electromagnetic, gas/fluid flow, heat transfer and structural mechanics problems.

This presentation focuses on two main topics:
– Numerical simulation on a mould heater for the Bridgman Process to understand solidification influences by geometry variations in contour baffle and chill-ring. Simulation results are compared with temperature measurements at a state-of-the-art VIM-IC 5 DS/SC furnace.
– Deep knowledge of electromagnetic interactions was used for numerical simulations in favour of full levitation melting at the industrial scale. Simulation results are proven in ALD’s unique melting and casting furnace ‘FastCast’.

Numerical simulations are increasingly applied to improve furnace performance and process quality for all kinds of furnace types by ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH. This expertise in various physical fields builds the foundation for customers approaching ALD with special requirements on process and materials exceeding the conventional metallurgical and heat treatment technologies.

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