European Investment Casters’ Federation

The Company’s objects are: to further the interests of the investment casting industry, to improve it’s working methods and practices and to widen the markets for it’s products.


Main Objectives

Representing the interests of the European investment casting industry and community as a whole by means of :


  • To Promote and Develop IC Technology in Europe.
  • To Represent the European IC Industry within Europe and Internationally.
  • To Develop the Future of IC.


These are achieved using a variety of means, a selection of which are described on the EICF Activities & Events section such as :


  • Providing a base for constructive discus-sion.
  • Promoting research and development on investment casting, undertaking market surveys and the collection of statistics and developing European technical standards relevant to investment casting.
  • Promoting and extending the under-standing and use of investment casting.
  • Organising conferences with a technical and/or commercial context, to keep members informed of developments in, or relevant to, the investment casting industry.
  • To carry on any other trade or business whatever which can in the opinion of the Board of Directors be advantageously carried on in connection with or ancillary to any of the businesses of the Company.