Industry Visits are offered to delegates in order to complement the conference and exhibition and are based on a minimum critical mass of visitors attending.


Wednesday May 18th, 2022 [Shift 1: 9:00 h –  Shift 2 : 11:00 h]

The Ecrimesa Group is producing steel and aluminium parts since 1964, always with cutting-edge technologies: investment casting, MIM, machining and additive manufacturing.

With more than 50 years innovating in the production of metal pieces, Ecrimesa is a leader within the sector with ample experience and a considerable number of references in the fabrication of metal parts by investment casting and MIM. Ecrimesa is at the forefront of the implementation of innovative technologies like metal 3D printing.

Ecrimesa philosophy is to guide their clients through every step of the production, from the design of the piece and the decision which technology is the most suited for its fabrication, until the machining and the final heat treatment. Ecrimesa´s  clients receive their projects ready for usage, with top quality and efficiency.

Those delegates and exhibitors making use of the organization transportation please check carefully the schedule and bus stop applicable to your Hotel area. You can download the schedule from Transport Arrangements EICF 2022

Delegates and Exhibitors are advised to select Shift 2 if compatible with their travelling arrangements to balance the visit groups

NOTE 1: Some restrictions for visitors might apply.
NOTE 2: Passport identification might be required in advance.